My Sister In Law Has Stage 4b Cervical Cancer. I Know This Is The Last Stage But The Doctors Want To Try Radiation And Chemo. She Thinks There Is Hope Because The Doctors Want To Try. Is There?


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It's been a long time since you asked the question.  I'm sorry I didn't find this site sooner.  

I have 4B cervical cancer.  I had radiation to shrink my most painful tumor, so I could enjoy my final days, not to cure anything.  I also had 1 12 hour chemo for the same reason.  It allowed me to travel with my husband.  Since then, the treatments I've had have been to control my pain, but that's it.  Frankly, my reaction to chemo was such a nightmare, I'm not sure I'd have it again , even if it were a cure!

For me, there is something precious about treatment to give me my best days, not treatment to give me more days, but miserable ones.  I'd trade one great day with friends, family, fun, and service work for any week of misery.

Knowing I am dying has given me the opportunity to grieve and make peace, to get my affairs in order, and to prioritize what's of value in my days.  You don't get that opportunity if you get hit by a truck.  It's been a precious time for me.  I am ready to live each day I'm given or to die.

Recently, my pain medicines stopped working, and nerve blocks had no effect.  On a scale of 1-10, my pain was always between 8 and 10.  No way to live....  I just had a pain pump installed and my pain is between 0 and 1.  

Please consider supporting your sister in whatever will give her each day at its best possible.  

Best wishes and prayers to you both
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If she is breathing, there is hope.  If she is interested in trying the treatment, there is hope.  Encourage her to do all she wants to do in this battle she faces.  She needs every thread of hope she can grab onto from anyone near her that will lend a hand.  Be there for her, and convince her that you believe in what she wants to do, even if you don' t.  It costs you nothing, and it will mean everything to her.
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I hate to give you the bad news...My sister has stage 4b cervical cancer as well, she is only 29. The cancer had already spread to both her lungs, bones, and lymphnodes. The doctor told her that Chemo and Radiation will not do much, but they are giving her that choice. Chemo/Radiation will only prolonged her life for a bit. It will not cure it, I've been doing a lot of research on stage 4b cervical cancer, but I have not found one survivor and that's with chemo and radiation. My sister was told that she has less than 10% chance to live up to 24months. But, when she went to do her lung biopsy , even before the result came back, the doctor had told her that if it comes back positive that it had metastasis to her lungs, she will not have more than a year (this is from a different doctor). Your sister in-law is actually at that point where she needs to make a decision whether she wants to live her life to the fullest everyday, or, give chemo a chance but the side effects are no joke with chemo.I know a lot of people will say that you will have to give it a chance and hope and pray that it will work.I honestly would rather live my life to the fullest.
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So sorry to hear this and I agree with you. Chemo and Rad at that stage is really of no help and it made it worse for my sister in law. She died a week after her last chemo treatment. She suffered for 5 months from the diagnosis.
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I hope your sister is doing ok at at this time.....Please look into making your body in an alkaline state vs. Acidic. Cancer can not grow in our bodies if we are alkaline. To do so so you eliminate all white foods,sugar, flour etc. Basically vegetables(no carrots), Please get a book called "the cure" by thomas brantley and it will explain this process. Please take care.

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How well  is  her  appetite  
Does  she  sleep  a lot
Does  her  energy  level  seem
to  be   good
Is  she  losing  weight fast
How  does  her out look
on life  seem  to be?
Yes  there may be hope
but   only  God knows  that
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My mother was nearly dead when they diagnosed her with stage 4b cervical. She wasn't given much hope. She went through the radiation then chemo. The radiation knocked her back quite a bit but the chemo was ok. She also followed through with the naturopath prior to chemo to prepare her body, and had her teeth removed - periodontal disease- which I found out later contributes to a whole suite of medical conditions. She eats well and no longer smokes. Her tumor is resolved and the other tumors stable at the last check up. She is alive and well and has never been healthier, a 15 month cancer survivor. Please don't give up, and take contol of your health. You can make the difference.
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best wishes to her, but unfortunately stage 4 cervical cancer survival rate is only 15 %.

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Number one. Don't lose your faith in god. Second,go to cancer treatment centers of america. They are the best.walk with god. And he will bless you.

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