Can a swollen neck gland and mouth infection give me shoulder aches? And a lil chest/throat pain? Thanks


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Yes, it is possible. You may feel achy because your body is fighting something off and trying to heal. It is possible that you may feel a little feverish sometimes, too and you may need some extra rest.

Peppermint or other non-caffiene type tea with honey will be good for you. Eat some fresh fruit or make some fresh-squeezed fruit juice, too. There are lots of things that you can eat that will help your body heal. Did you ever wonder why hospitals serve so many jello and ice cream desserts...??

Try cooking your dinner with brightly colored vegetables every day...they have vitamin A which is good for the health of your mucous membranes (the insides of your mouth, sinus and throat). Eating well can help a lot, sometimes.
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Yes.. If you know you have an infection, r you taking antibiotics? If not you should call your doctor an infection can spread and be serious, it can spread to your heart or brain you should see a dr. Asap or go to the ER... That's just my opion, but thee infection spreading to your heart or brain is fact... So up to you to see the doctor part.. You need antibiotics.. If you r taking them then call your doctor
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I'm pretty sure yes, are you on any antibiotics?
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Yeah im on amoxacillin ive been on them a week on wed. I was just wonderin cos the achin seems to have got worse not better but then sometimes it goes completely and i feel practically normal
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Yeah, that's a good anitibiotic. But they can put you on something stronger also, like Bactrum. That one is amazing, I've used it for nasal, skin and sinus infections. It's alot stronger than Amoxacillin.

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