Are Bad Muscle And Joint Pains A Symptom Of Aids/HIV?


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Robin Burden answered
No, none of the symptoms you described are commonly related to HIV - although they might be the sign of a separate underlying condition.

The thing with HIV is that sufferers often don't notice any symptoms until the disease has really taken hold.

Does having muscle and joint pain mean that I have HIV or Aids?
The HIV/Aids virus attacks your immune system, leaving it unable to fight off viral and bacterial infections.

Until these infections begin to take their toll on your body, you might not actually feel any pain or discomfort. So, if you're suffering from various pains, there's nothing to say that you have HIV.

However, it is also true that an HIV patient is more likely to get sick and suffer from infections, making them more likely to experience various aches and pains due to illness. So, chronic illness and poor health might be a sign of an HIV infection.

My advice would be that, if you're worried about having contracted the HIV virus, you should get tested. Only then will you know for sure whether you should be worried or not!
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As long as there is no blood transfusion involved, you should not worry.

HIV can't be transferred that way. And the symptoms are not related to HIV, these might be bacterial infection symptoms only.

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