I keep having urges to commit suicide. I have no-one to talk to because I hate expressing myself, and they would just tell me to stop feeling sorry for myself, or laugh at me and call me weird. What should I do?


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If you hate yourself, try to become a better person- the person you want to be! Don't beat yourself up if you do things wrong, because we're only human. If you don't want to express your feelings to other people, express them in a diary or drawing. Just think about this: Even in the worst of times, things will get better. Just hold your head up high, and smile. Be optimistic! Also, if you don't have any friends already, just try to at least get along with others. If your relationship with your family is not a strong one, strengthen the bonds you have with them, by doing nice stuff. And most importantly, have fun! You're young! Make the most of your life! You still have to find love, meet new people, and choose an exciting career for yourself! Don\'t give up now!
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I'll definitely try the diary thing. I do have friends, they just arn't the sort of people who take things seriously. Thank you so much :)
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PLEASE DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE. You are special and important to your parents. On top of that it is a direct passage into hell. Hell is a real place with actual demons and you cannot go to heaven. Heaven is real. I have been there.
Find a church and ask a congregation (group of church people) to just pray for you. You need the peace of God and know that he loves you a lot. On a physical level take B vitamins. B vitamins are great for putting people in a good happy healthy mood. Try joining an art class or an activity group where you can express your feelings through writing. BUT PLEASE DON'T COMMIT SUICIDE. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO THE LORD..
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People are intentionally or unconsciously cruel.  It boosts a battered ego, if someone calls your pain a joke.  Understand that it may take time, but research some reading not doctors, and try to find the answers within.  I bet you can do it.
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Its no good waiting around for this to get better.  When the desire to hurt or kill yourself keeps coming back its time to head for the nearest ER or Psychiatrist....there are Pdoc's who specialize in treatment of teenagers.  I say the above because if you have suicidal depression that keeps coming back it may very well be that you have a biological mental illness and not just high school "angst".  This is no joke. If you have severe recurring depression you could be at very great risk of dying.  We don't want that for you. You are just 16, you have so much more to do and be.  Please tell your parents and if they laugh and you can't convince them you have a problem go to your school counselor. Or principal or favorite teacher.  If that doesn't work come back here and we will brainstorm some resources for you.
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You are correct friends or family can not help.  They are not trained to help discover why you feel so sad and lost.  Please talk to a health care person and get some help fast.  Good luck soon you will realize that you do want to live and that life is worthwhile.
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True family and friends CAN help by listening, being there, and showing support. I do agree a professional and/or medication is essential.
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Talk to people that understand what you are going through.  Find a support group and first of all a doctor.  It's hard for people to understand what REAL depression because all of us feel down sometimes, for a considerable reason (like a divorce, losing a job, etc.)  But for some people it is a chronic thing that comes out of nowhere that the person cannot control without support and help.  No matter if they had the so called 'perfect' life. It is a lonely disease, and I am sorry for you.  I will talk to you.  I understand,
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We have much in common.people hate me cause I cut myself. I hate myself and have tried suicide 6times.but my mum has always found me.I don't talk to people/connect with people because.I don't like conecting with other  human beings.I hate expressing myself.I'm 15 and still in school.
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My brother always plays me the world's smallest violin and says I shouldnt throw a pitty party. I constantly think of killing myself... But I never thought that I was able to do it. Then I found myself sitting in the bathroom with a hand full of pills and realised how real it was. Do all that you can do to to become more happy with your life, and consider seeing a physiatrist, you don't have to tell anyone else anything, and he or she will always consider and take your feelings seriously. They may give you medication that can help you find happiness in life. I understand what you are going through, don't worry it can get better. :)
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No one with compassion and a heart is going to respond negatively to you.  You are not weird and you are "not just feeling sorry for yourself"  feeling low like you do is due to Depression.  It might be due to the depression that you feel that people are going to judge you or you feel you might find it hard to express how you feel.  

It might be an idea to grab a pen and paper and write down how you feel and keep it yourself.  Also they are also helplines that are designed for and specifically for to support anyone who feels very low, depressed and suicidal.  You are not alone; and that there are others like yourself feel low, depressed.  Talking about how you feel can help a bit so writing it down might help a bit too. 

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What I do is walk outside and write my bad feelings on a paper crumble it and throw the feels away
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Elizabeth MacConnachie
Sometimes it might be good to confront those feelings as you could burry them and do something harm, or start to control you food intake or take the feelings away with alcohol or drugs. So maybe next time you do that take the paper home and read it back to yourself. 
 If you dont know or understand where the pain is coming from you cannot heal properly. Sometimes it is good to just stop for a while in life, feel what bad feelings you are feeling, feel them and heal after them.
Elizabeth MacConnachie
If you feel angry or upset - feel it and it you feel like crying. Cry. It will feel a bit better after expressing the feelings.
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Maybe you should trust in Someone you've never trust before. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't laugh. And if you want to talk, I'm always here. We're anonymous anyways. Besides I'VE BEen through it and currently helping a close friend.
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Watch a sad movie and let yourself cry for as long as you can.... It will help! You will feel light!
Or if you don't want to cry then if you trust someone go hug him/her tight and relieve yourself!
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Find good friends that will acually listen to you. If they don't try writing down what  you are feeling and just keep it in a box. Pray. Pray your heart out. He will listen. No matter what religion you are. He will listen and answer.

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