Ok....Had my gall bladder removed 18 hours ago. Am feeling terrific and am eating everything I see. Had only 2 pain meds. Who wants to see the pics of my GB laying on the OR tray? Lol..yes, I am Proud!


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My dear Lord Karen,
As gross as it sounds....sure why not. I've neva seen a gall bladder B-4. Yours can be the first !! And congrats on feeling great !! Happy to hear the great news !! Keep up the good success !! (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Karen))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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I know it sounds crazy; I love to look at body parts...maybe, it was that I was in the wrong places in the military at the right times; but, it stuck with me. Now in civilian life 17 years later, I like to see what I can see. The doctors love me for it. Maybe it's a passion for weirdos. My neighbor ladies are all RN's or LPNs so at least God put me in the right neighborhood to have smthg in common with the ladies OTHER than my great cooking skills!!
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No I think I'll pass Karen as I've already seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre lol.
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P.s.) I don't mind seeing my insides. I just don't wanna see anything that doesn't belong there. That makes me too nervous. I'm also...deathly afraid of the knife !!
Just knock me out & let me wake up on plenty of painkillers if U please.
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Oi ! Everybody off my Comments box lol !
Karen commented
Funny, Midnite....but sorry no photo show....Now...maybe later...just when Janey is NOT expecting it!!! But I do like bloody body parts and I'm with you about not wanting to see anything INSIDE mine that doesn't belong there. As long as I'm still breathing, I can handle it!!
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Are you one of those operating room exhibitionists. : ) like linden baines johnson. : ).thank god they don't do it like this anymore  > )....fdrsdeadlysecret.blogspot.com/2011/03/truth-about-lyndon-joh
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Is it wrong that i have all these historical references stuck in my nugget. : )
Karen commented
I like to show my stitches and scars. I even keep the pics and hang them in my office. My daughter's friends laugh cuz one of them is Planet Utero and yes, they all have names. But it even goes further....it opens the door for any questions that these girls don't find able to talk with their mothers about. My house is very educational. I even make wooden signs and hang them around with great philisophical sayings on them.
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I still have my 4 inch pins where they put my foot back in order from a lis franc fracture. I don't want to claim any other scars or educational tools/operations. : )
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That organ does not look like a GB.
I think you better check it out.
Trust me, I'm a doctor

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