What Are The Side Effects Of Having Your Gall Bladder Removed?


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Gall Bladder is an important part of human body which stores bile produced by the liver. Gall Bladder removal can have certain side effects which are as follows:
- Pain in abdomen and feeling sick right after the operation.
- excessive bleeding
- development of blood clot in a leg vein.
- Accidental damage to organs such as bowel, bile duct, bladder, liver etc.
-Ongoing problems such as diarrhea, bloating, pain and wind.
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Many people will not have many side effects after gall bladder surgery, except for some incisional pain. Some uncommon side effects could be nausea and vomiting. If there are complications with the surgery, then the patient may have side effects as well such as pain, bleeding, swelling, redness, or abdominal discomfort. If your side effects are persistent, you should report them to your doctor immediately.
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The usual pain and feeling tired for a couple of weeks or longer depending on which type you have some cases use three to five incisions holes and then some people require the older longer slash, which takes longer to heal.  Just because you have your gallbladder removed don't think that you can go back and eat everything you always did.  Often greasey and spicey foods will still affect you after the surgery.
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The gall bladder's main function is bile moderation so you might experience more heart burn than before. I had mine removed several years ago and I've got it under control - it's nothing life changing really. The only strange part of my recovery is the fact that now, air gets trapped - like a burp - but it takes some maneuvering on my part to get the air out. It's sore but it's manageable.

You must also bear in mind that now your liver is doing twice the work it was before so try not to over do the bad food and booze.

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I just had mine removed a week ago and instead of the persistent diarrhea, I have constant nausea. I was wondering if this is normal?
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I speak from experience. You can develop IBS and Spastic Colon both of which can be painful and quite inconvenient. Some symptoms appear similar to pancreatitis.
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