What Are Symptoms Of Kidney Problems?


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The symptoms of kidney trouble are frequent urination, stabbing pain in the lower back, right above your hips(that's where the kidneys are), the presence of blood  in your urine, you may urinate less than you do normally, the quantity may become greater and your urine may be frothy or foamy. If your urine is a bright yellow color, that's also an indication that all is not well with your kidneys. The second symptom is swelling, when your kidneys are not in good working order they are unable to remove extra fluid from the body, which results in the swelling of ankles, feet, face, hands and legs. The third symptom is fatigue. The kidneys release a hormone known as erithropoietin which helps the body to make oxygen carrying red blood cells. When the kidneys are not working properly they do not make erithropoeitin and this causes our muscles and brain to tire very easily. The kidneys also flush waste from the body and when they don't function well you may experience severe itching and rashes all over the body. Some other symptoms are nausea and shortness of breath, feeling cold, metallic taste in mouth, dizziness and trouble in concentrating.

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