After Having A Left Side Brain Tumor Removed My Sister Has Poor Spatial Awareness Will This Improve In Time?


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My husband has had surgery in April for a large right parietal lobe meningioma.   It came back as an Atypical Meningioma graded 2 to 3.   In six weeks, it grew back and is larger than when originally removed in April.   In six weeks, it grew back and larger with significant edema present.   It is his 4th brain tumor and he had his third craniotomy.   He had two options, another Craniotomy followed by another Gamma Knife procedure or to let nature takes its course.   He has chosen the latter.   His one goal is to be able to walk and to do so using the treadmill.   Thru. Feb. Of this year, he was doing 1 to 2 miles daily on the treadmill.   Will he ever be able to walk again.   He is now having therapy 5x a week.

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