What Causes Headaches On The Left Back Side Of The Head?


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A headache on the left, back side of your head could be the result of tension. It is common for tension headaches to cause a dull ache at the back of your head and often caused by tightness in your shoulders, neck and scalp, often due to stress. It often feels like a tight band across your head that begins at the back and gradually works its way around the whole head and neck area. People who sit in the same position all day are particularly prone to tension headaches, particularly if they are doing a stressful job at a computer or even playing computer games throughout the day. If you have 15 tension headaches in a month, they are considered to be ‘chronic headaches’ and you should probably see your doctor or look into some natural stress release remedies such as meditation, yoga or deep breathing. Tension headaches rarely lead to anything more serious but employing relaxation techniques should make you more comfortable.
Many factors can cause any kind of headache and these include stress, depression, anxiety, an awkward sleeping position, eye strain, tiredness, not eating properly or skipping meals, head or neck injury, clenching you jaw and certain medications.
If you are worried about your headaches, you should see a doctor immediately, particularly if you have had a fall and hit your head or if your headaches leave you feeling nauseous and effect your general health and well being. Try not to take too many painkillers as they can, ironically, lead to ‘Rebound Headaches’, causing even more headaches though trying to relieve previous headaches. It could be because medication can cause the brain to shift into an excited state, triggering more headaches or more headaches could be a symptom of withdrawal as the level of medicine drops in the bloodstream.
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It could be a sinus headache or allergy headache.. Do you feel dizzy, the headache feel worst when in sun light, does it feel like your head is flowing in water.. Then you need benadryl or suddefede ... But if you feel dizzy like the room is spinning and spinning when you sit, stand , walk, lye down, then you could have vertigo.. That would mean fluid in brain or water.from showering that is in ears too.. The er will give you meds for about four days and you will feel better
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STRESS... I've paid a lot of money seeing doctors and this is the only answer I ever get...
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What causes headaches on the left back side of the head?
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The headache is the symptom of many diseases. There can be many thousand problem which can cause headache. Most usual causes are high blood pressure, tumor in brain, side effect of many medicines and many more. It will be good to see a doctor and get proper diagnosis of headache and treatment.
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Beer does trigger migraines.

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