Is There Any Home Remedy For Fungal Infections? What Food Should Be Avoided?


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It partly depends where the infection is located on the body.

Try talking to a pharmacist for a topical ointment (fungicide).

The conventional view is that home remedies are unsuccessful against fungal inffections, but some people feel that home remedies have worked for them. An obvious thing to try is topical vinegar solution (mix about 1/3 cup white vinegar with 2/3 cup water and apply on the skin with a very clean wash cloth).

Diet wise: I'm not promising any of this will work for you, but some people feel these are the right measures. Eat lots of garlic and onions. Even more important may be eating a diet relatively low in carbohydrates (especially sugars, including fruit), and very high in vegetables. People with frequent fungal infections may want to consider an anti-Candida diet (read more).

Specific problems:

Fungal infection in the nails: Stop wearing artificial nails.

Athlete's Foot: Always wear clean socks, avoid socks if possible, keep feet dry, topical tea-tree oil (neat or slightly diluted) on affected areas. Olive Leaf Extract applied topically may work, too. Put garlic cloves in your shoes.

Jock Itch: Wear loose clean underpants, keep everything dry and hair short.

Thrush: See advice as above for anti-Candida diet.
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In addition to scavenger's answer, about athlete's foot, once you take off your shoes and you leave the socks on, do not, do not put the shoes on with the same socks. change the socks to a clean one before putting on shoes. Fungal infection is in the family of excema - excema is an enemy of animal fats. So avoid chicken, eggs and any other meat(s). Do not eat too much of shrimp and lobster and crab and any other seafood in that category because of the high calorie contents of it. If you're fungal infection is in your fingers by your nails, every time you wash dishes try to use gloves so that you will not get your hands wet too long. Avoid getting in contact with soaps and hard water for a long period of time for it will trigger the dryness in your skin.
I don't believe this will ever go away - but hopefully it is different on people.
A home remedy for athletes feet ?  Well I'm not to sure if this would be considered a home remedy and I hope nobody takes this to be gross or inappropriate.  However,  my cousin John once told me that while he was in prison for too many DUI's that there was a lot of athletes foot going around and they used to urinate on their feet to cure the fungus. I'm not suggesting that you do so.  I'm just sharing with you what I was told.
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This isn't really a 'home remedy' but I just bought clonea cream over the counter for $3.99 aud. Can also be used on pets (externally of course,if you caught it from them or vise versa). Tried apple cider but need a quick fix as I have to work and apparently its highly contageous.

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