My Legs Hurt When I Sit Down?


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It could be poor circulation,check with your medical person for some answers....the best to you
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Maybe you have sore joints, get some rest and see if they improve.-Trey
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I'd love an answer to this - this happens to me as well. I walk a lot, and I am very active, but when I sit for longer than 10 minutes, it hurts badly to move.  I try very hard not to sit down but... My job is sedentary. I've been hit by a car twice in 20 years and also broke my tailbone rollerblading.  Doesn't hurt when I walk, dance, run or otherwise using my legs. I also have poor circulation, which is why I remain so active (varicose veins due to a genetic defect in the valves).  I would definitely ask orthopedist, cardiovascular and chiropractor their thoughts.

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