Can You Show Me Pictures Of Skin Rashes On The Body When Your Liver Might Be Damaged?


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There are many different forms of lesions, rashes and spots that could be a sign that your liver is damaged. Due to the amount of different rashes that exist that could highlight liver damage, it is difficult to point you towards images but for an array of different types of rashes for different conditions there is a website called howshealth. This website explains the rash and gives you some images of them which you can look at by clicking here
But, if in doubt always go and see your GP or doctor as the rash could be something simple or a sign of something worse than you think. A rash could be a sign of many different ailments and conditions including:
  • meningitis
  • allergic reaction
  • shingles
  • insect bites
  • eczema

This is only a very shortened list but shows how rashes can vary on levels of seriousness. So it is always advised to see your GP if you are worried, as internet sites cannot diagnose accurately and cannot give you as much advice as your doctor can. If you are particularly worried about the rash, it is better to check it out sooner rather than later because if it is something serious including liver damage then the sooner the doctors diagnose it, the better your prospects of a full and possibly fast recovery.

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