I Have Hep C And Cirrhosis Stage 4, Are There Any Meds To Reverse Cirrhosis After I Clear The Hep C?


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Stage 4 cirrhosis is not reversible and will eventually lead to end-stage liver disease and the need for a transplant. If you can clear the Hepatitis C, you may be able to avoid a transplant for several years. Also, if you clear the Hepatitis C, you may have a more favorable outcome after transplant. Hepatitis C can come back after transplant and can lead to loss of the transplant liver and death in some cases.
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There is only two types of medications to treat your Hep C and they are Pegassist and Copegus. Pegassist is a drug that requires a needle injection and the Copegus is a pill form taken orally. Pegassist is delivered by Fed Ex  and kept on ice, the bottle vales are required to be kept in your refrigerator and injected once a week. These medications are very strong and can make you very sick. The pegassist after injected over a period of time will leave the area black in color. I'd suggest that the injection be given in the lower stomache muscle, this way you can hide your unattractive stomache with clothing. Hope this has been some help for you.  
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