Stage 4b cervical cancer means exactly what?


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It means your cancer has spread or "metastasized" outside of your pelvic region. To different organs. You should speak to your doctor and have him clarify this for you.

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The different stages of cancer relate to how progressed the disease is, and if it has "metasised" to other parts of the body.

Stages are number 1 through 4, with stage one meaning that the cancer is only in the cervix, and has not spread anywhere outside of the primary source, through to stage 4 which means the cancer is advanced, and has spread to other organs outside of the cervix.

Stage four is divided into 4a and 4b. In stage 4a, the cancer has spread to organs close to the cervix- often the bladder or the rectum. Stage 4b is defined as when the cancer has spread to organs in any part of the body (lungs, liver, bones etc.).

Unfortunately 4b is the most serious form of cervical cancer, and in most cases cannot be cured. Treatment options such as chemotherapy are often recommended to try and halt the spread of the cancer, and radiotherapy can help to ease some of the symptoms, but by this stage a full recovery is unlikely.

Another reminder of how vital it is for women to stay up to date with cervical smears.

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