What Does Cervical Cancer Looks Like In A Photo?


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"Cervical Cancer is (perhaps unsurprisingly) a cancer of the cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus (womb) and extends slightly into the very top of the vagina. This area is often known as the 'neck of the womb'. There are two main forms of cervical cancer, 'Squamous cell cervical cancer' and 'Adenocarcinoma cervical cancer'. 'Squamous cell cervical cancer' is the most common form. It develops from a skin-like cell and then covers the cervix and becomes cancerous. 'Adenocarcinoma cervical cell' develops from a glandular cell (a cell that produces mucus) within the cervical canal and, again, becomes cancerous. This is the least common form of cervical cancer.  
Women who live in the U.K. Are offered regular cervical screening tests, so that it is possible to diagnose the disease as soon as possible in the patient. This is where the 'photos' you mention could be taken although a far easier method of diagnosing cervical cancer is to remove some of the cells from the surface of the cervix and send them to a lab for testing. Taking a photo of the cervix would not only be difficult, but would guarantee a definite diagnosis. Bleeding within the cervix is an early symptom of cervical cancer, but this will not happen in all cases, and still may be difficult to see, even in the photograph. When the cells are sent to the lab, they are examined under a microscope. In most cases the cells will look normal, but in a small number of cases the cells may be 'dyskaryotic', or suffering from 'cervical dyskaryosis'. Dyskaryotic cells are not cancerous, but in some cases can develop into the diseased state. Some remain dyskaryotic whilst others can even revert back into ordinary cells. After a number of years some can develop into cancerous cells, but this is a small number compared to the number of women who experience cervical dyskaryosis. "

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