Are There Lymph Nodes Around The Ankle?


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No, they are in the head and neck, the thorax, the arm and some of the lower limbs.

There are between 500 and 600 lymph nodes that are distributed throughout the human body. Many are found in clusters under the arms, in the groin, neck, chest and abdomen.

A lot of them are located in the head and neck, these are called cervical lymph nodes. Others can be located in your arms. There are numerous lymph nodes that are found in this area of your body and they can be categorised as superficial lymph nodes  or deep lymph nodes. The third area in which your lymph nodes are situated are in your lower limbs. These are known as the inguinal lymph nodes.

The nodes are small  ball-shaped organs which belong to the immune system and act as filters or traps for foreign particles. They have a clinical significance because they can become inflamed or enlarged with various conditions. These range from trivial matters such as a throat infection, to life-threatening illnesses such as cancer.
If cancer is what you have, its stage can be judged by the affect it is having on the lymph nodes. They can be diagnosed by biopsy whenever they are inflamed. Certain diseases affect lymph nodes with characteristic consistency and location.

If you are worried about swelling in your ankles and you have ruled out musculoskeletal causes such as a sprain, you could have problems with your heart, kidneys or liver. So, see a doctor to give yourself peace of mind at the very least. This answer does not substitute for medical advice.

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