What Can Cause Confusion When Speaking, Chills, Jittery Hands And Headaches?


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I'm not a doctor by any means, but I work in healthcare, it could be from the fumes, but at the same time those symptoms resemble something that I see a lot of,  called TIAs and what they are is a small series of strokes in your brain. You most likely aren't having these if it has only occurred the one time, but if you notice that you have them another time later on in the future no matter how much time has passed, please go get checked out.
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There has been no clear reasons to justify the cause for all the above and no single factor can be explained without the other. Some involuntary actions from your body may be responsible for these sudden changes triggered by the rise of adrenaline. Also anxiety may not be ruled out as being a cause to feelings of  confusion and those jittery hands.

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