How Do You Know If You Have H1n1?


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H1N1 is the name given to a sub-category of influenza virus A. This virus has got prominence in March and April 2009 with a new outbreak that has confirmed hundreds of infected people around the world and a number of deaths also.

The current endemic is called as the Mexican Swine Flue. It is a combination of four different types of flu viruses which are North American Mexican Influenza, North American Avian Influenza, Human Influenza and Swine Influenza virus.

You can know when you have Swine flue influenza when you suffer from the following symptoms, however, please note that these symptoms are more or less similar to the normal influenza symptoms:

- Runny Nose
- Sore Throat
- Fever
- lethargy
- Lack of appetite
- Nausea
- Vomiting
- Cough
- Diarrhea
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Pno kng fever sore throat runny nose lang my a(h1n1) ka parin ba !!!!!
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"You can know when you have Swine flue influenza when you suffer from the following symptoms, however, please note that these symptoms are more or less similar to the normal influenza symptoms:"

That is absolutely the most asinine statement possible. "You can know?" How can you know without a positive lab test? You can't! You can only guess, and if statistics are any indicator YOU PROBABLY DON'T HAVE SWINE FLU! Jesus, the ignorance...
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Well the symptoms of swine flu are: Vomiting, diarrhea, myalgia, headache, chills, fatigue, and dyspnea. That was info that I found on health websites. Hope it helps.
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I have had the flu before and this is no ordinary flu.  How cruel of you to write what you did.  Have some compassion for a person who is sick and trying to get answers.  I don't believe everything I read or hear BUT what I have had for the past week is not allergies and is not the typical strain of the flu.  Have a heart and help people, not hurt them.
Being kind takes less effort than being mean (just to prove your point.)  Hope you are having a better day then I.
Signed a person horribly sick with the swine flu.
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I am pretty sure I have H1N1 (My doctor said I have a disease and I match all the symptoms), I know how it feels, it sucks. The symptoms are,
Your throat hurts, you have a bad cough, you have a fever/headache all the time (my fever was 102.8 a few days ago) body aches, the occasional chills, you are sleepy all the time, diarrhea and vomiting (in some cases, I haven't though) Although it is a lot like a normal flu, just rest, drink water and if you feel sick stay home, DO NOT go to school/work. (You don't want to infect anyone else if you have it.)
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I feel bad for all the people who have H1N1. I only have the normal flu, and it makes me feel sick-the people with H1N1 have pretty much the same symptoms as a normal flu, but worse I guess. I hope I don't get H1N1, it'll probably make most feel like crap. 
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I have been in bed since Thursday (5 days) -  I went to the ER Wednesday night, they gave me 2 liters of fluid as I was having dehydration symptoms.  Since Wednesday, I've had loose stools, headache, chills, body aches, chest congestion and a little diarrhea and I'm very tired.  Not too much of a fever though at all, no coughing,  no runny nose.  Its very strange.  Before I started feeling bad on Wednesday, I  have been very lightheaded/dizzy for about 1.5 weeks now.  Do I have H1N1 even though I don't have all the symptoms?
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If you start felling chill or having sore throat,diarrhea,vomiting in most cases and many more
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You feel like you are really sick and if you are cofing a lot if you are go see a doctor

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