Is It My Gallbladder If My Symptoms Are Pain In My Side, Severe Diarrhea And Swollen Stomach?


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I can't say your symptoms are your gallbladder cause I'm not a doctor you would have to go get checked for that but I can tell you that the symptoms to a problem with the gallbladder is nausea, vomiting, and pain especially after eating a meal high in fat...The gallbladder can become inflamed which means swollen, infected or develop gallstones which block the passage of bile into the small intestine.. Just get to a E R or Dr office to get checked out.. Hope this was helpful
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My father had a 'very angry gallbladder' (according to his doctor) removed almost 3 years ago, when he had attacks he described an unbearable sharp pain located near his sternum that went straight through his back.  He only had attacks when he ate fatty things at first, but by the time he finally went to the hospital it would happen when he ate anything at all.

Like the previous answerer said, get to an ER ASAP.  It could be DAYS before they are able to operate to remove it (if the gallbladder is the culprit) in which time you may not be able to eat or drink.

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