How Long Will My Mom Live She Has Terminal Brain Cancer And I'm Really Scared For Her!?


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To begin with I would like to apologize to you for the "guest" that answered your question is such an insensitive and in-correct way.  Pay no attention to that answer!!  I suppose he/she thought it was cute to make fun of your pain, but I do not.

To answer your question as best I can:  Nobody living on this earth can answer your question about how long your Mother will be with you.  Each of us have a certain number of days that we will be here and only our Father that lives in Heaven knows how many days we each are allotted.  All I can tell you with certainty is that even in the most terrible of times, God will not let you and your Mom travel this difficult pathway alone.  When you pray (I hope you and your Mom do), ask God to give you both courage to face what is coming.  If your Mom is someone that believes in God,  you can be assured that when she draws her last breath on this earth that her next breath will be taken in Heaven where she will no longer feel pain or be fearful.  She will be with her family that has gone to Heaven before her.  In truth, she will be in a better place than you and I.  I hope you find some peace in that knowledge.  

As to what comes after that with you....your Mom has raised a good caring child.  I am sure she is very proud of you.  You will be ok, I am sure.  Most assuredly you will grieve and that is certainly natural when you loose someone so close to your heart.  I am sorry you are having to face this terrible time.  Be honest and direct with your Mom.  Now is the time to tell her what is in your heart.  If you have something to say or a question to ask, now is the time to do it.  You do not say your age but I "think" you may be young.  If that is true (and even if it is not), I am sure there are people who love you and your Mom.  They will be with you through all of these hard time.  Lean on them, let them know you are afraid.  There is nothing at all wrong with asking for help from the people you love to deal with life altering situations like this.

I sincerely hope that in some small way, this answer has been helpful to you.  I will pray for you  Loser28 and for your Mom.  By the way - you are no loser, anyone that can show the love and concern for another human being like you have your Mom is certainly no loser.
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Recently a friend of mine was very, very ill with pneumonia. He made a somewhat miraculous recovery and said of his near death experience, " I thought I was going to die but amazingly I wasn't at all scared". Death needn't be frightening for any of us when we come to face it.
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My mum has brain cancer and I keep getting the fuzzy feeling in my head could I have this illness too??

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