Can Trichomonas Lay Dormant For 3 To 5 Years Before Showing Any Signs Or Symptoms?


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Trichomoniasis can lay dormant for up to 5 years without showing any symptoms. This is especially common in men, whereas women tend to spot symptoms a lot earlier.

• What is trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease that affects both men and women. The disease is easily treated, although it is common for symptoms not to show, and the disease can pass without any knowledge. Using condoms when having sex, and reducing the number of sexual partners lessens the risk of contracting the disease.

Men contract the disease in the urethra, whilst women get the infection in the vagina. The disease is passed on during vaginal sex, so men normally only contract it from women, whilst women can contract it from either men or women.

• Symptoms of trichomoniasis

The symptoms that occur with the disease in women include a strong smell from the vagina, together with an unusual discharge. Other symptoms include Itchiness and a slight discomfort during sex, and when urinating. Men don't always recognize the symptoms but common symptoms in men with the disease are a burning when urinating, and an unusual discharge from the penis.

• Treatment of trichomoniasis

A simple course of antibiotics can be used to effectively treat the infection. It is vital that the entire course of antibiotics is taken to ensure that the infection is no longer present. There are further risks for people with trichomoniasis, and these include a heightened risk of contracting HIV, and premature birth. The infection can be caught again, once it has been treated, so it is important to protect yourself from the disease.

Anyone who feels that they may have the infection should consult their doctor immediately. People who have multiple partners, or have unprotected sex, should be regularly screened for sexually transmitted diseases.
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Trichomonas is the protozoan. It causes infection systemic and in vagina. Treatment is simple and effective. It includes metronidazole tablets or infusion. It can not be dormant. Once treated, so gone. Can come back on new exposure.
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20 yrs
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30 days

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