Explain, From A Physiological Stand Point, How Eating Disorders May Lead To Health Problems?


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I'm not a scientist but I know from 1st hand experience what can happen to the teeth for those that binge/purge.  All the vomiting brings up stomach acids that where never supposed to be sitting on teeth.  It wore down the protective  layers of enamel in a relatively short period of time.  I lost  my four front teeth. Not having dental insurance, being even more depressed led to me barely leaving the house.  No longer able to chew veggies and other good foods left me eating softer, fat filled empty calories.  I gained over 100 lbs! The extra weight over  burdened my joints leaving me in pain, no energy and at an all time low. I tried the anti-depressants they where  terrible for me. Just left me feeling 'numb'. Heart problems, diabetes poor circulation you name it. When I decided I wanted to get better there was only 1 thing that helped me and it was called 'EFT' or 'Tapping'.  It is an emotional version of Acupuncture. It works for all Anxiety, traumas and fears, shame  etc. Any emotional based problem (someday more people will realize most of our physical problems are based upon Stress and our  emotions) You can google EFT  it is FREE to learn. It is one of the few things that works even for those who don't believe it will.  You have nothing to lose and every thing to gain...Namaste
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Well it all affect your digestive system FIRST... Can cause ulcers and many more.. Our body needs food to survive.. If we are unable to eat what our body need.. The body will shut down.. Each system need the nutrients that we get from food.. And all system are connected to each other.. And so when a specific system is impaired like the digestive system.. Sooner or later everything will fail too..
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This is a very broad question as there are numerous eating disorders. I would say with anorexia you could get mal-nutrition to the point of death. Bulimia could result in rotted teeth and mal nutrition. Over eating can result in obesity etc etc.

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