What Are The Main Symptoms Of HIV?


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The first sign of HIV infection can similar to the signs of general cold or flu virus. The indications of basic infection can also be same to the symptoms of other sexually transmitted diseases and other infections such as "mono" or hepatitis, which are much more commonly and more easily transmitted. Pressure and nervousness can also produce symptoms in a number of people, even though they do not contain HIV.

Some HIV patient have symptoms of commonly fever, fatigue, and, often inflammation. Other common symptoms can consist of headache, inflamed lymph nodes, and sore throat. These symptoms can occur within days or weeks of the early exposure to the virus during a stage called primary or acute HIV infection.

For the reason that of unclear symptoms linked with major or acute HIV infection, symptoms are not a consistent way to diagnose HIV infection. Testing for HIV antibodies is the only way to know whether you have been infected; however, the HIV antibody test only works after the infected person is immune system creates antibodies to HIV. During the "window period" between the initial infection and the period in which antibodies are visible standard HIV testing is useless.
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I was diagnosed in 2004 with HIV. I had no idea I had contracted the virus because I never felt sick, got the flu, or had any obvious problems. I have no idea when I contracted it. And now 5 years later there still are no physical signs of my condition. I still very rarely catch a cold and my status is still HIV+. As a matter of fact my t cell count & viral load are better today then they were 5 years ago. The T cell count is your white blood cell count, which is what the virus attacks, and the viral load count is the amount of the HIV infection in your blood.Once a persons T cell count gets down to 350 that's when they prescribe medication,( cocktail), and once a persons T cell count gets below 200 that's when it the diagnoses changes from HIV to AIDS. My T cell count is 979 & my viral load is only 8,000! That's without any medication.
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The reasons and of HIV infection and AIDS are commonly the signs of the diseases that attack the body because of reason of a weakened immune system. These consists fever that finish from a few days to more than a month with no other problem present and no other important reason, lengthen outer time of chills and sweats, and chronic or long-lasting fatigue for which other reasons have been ruled out.

Decrease of appetite or weight, especially more than 10% of body weight decrease, with no other disease or problem present, chronic muscle and joint pain for no known reason, unexplained, long-lasting sore throat, and unexplained, prolonged swelling of the lymph nodes may also be showed in body. Diarrhea, especially if it lasts longer than a month and no other disease is present, repeated, a few yeast infections in your mouth or vagina despite proper treatment, and a certain types of sores or changes in the skin (herpes) that last more than 4 weeks are also indications of HIV.

The opportunistic diseases that most frequently affect someone with AIDS include Kaposi's sarcoma, Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP), and tuberculosis, meningitis, and herpes simplex infections.
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Most common symptoms of HIV are
-Depression: A constant feeling of gloom that lasts longer than weeks.
-Diarrhea:it could be life threatening! It should be treated immediately
-Thrush:bad smell and a white coating in the mouth that doesn't go away even after brushing
-Weight loss: Serious problem and common symptom.
-Sinus:congestion, pounding for the head and pressure behind the eyes.
-Fatigue:also a common symptom
-Nausea: When additional to vomiting can be serious
-Tingling of feet and hands and burning
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There are no symptoms of the hiv virus. Of course once it goes into full blown aids that's different. The only way to make sure your ok is to get checked. Even if you had unprotected sex just one time...get checked out. It does not discriminate and you don't know what's going on with other people.so if you get a jump on it, that's your best bet. I have been hiv positive since may 19th 1994 and I feel fine. But I also am taking the meds I should and see my doctor as I should.  So good luck to you. And be safe
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The most common symptoms of HIV are:

Weight Loss
Lactic Acidosis
Sinus Infections
Burning and Tingling of hands and feet.

Although these are the most common symptoms of HIV, It is possible to have HIV without having any symptoms.

HIV rarely shows up in tests until 6-12 months have passed since potential exposure.

Source: About.com HIV Info Page
Source: WrongDiagnosis.com info page
 BTW most states offer free confidential HIV testing, You don't have to be afraid to get tested, It's better to be safe and know then to live without knowing.
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Anyone who has this HIV problem may not look and feel sick. Anyone person who will see him will not feel that he or she has HIV virus in his/her body. This is very important to keep it in our mind that anyone who has this problem can infect or pass this HIV virus. This virus is only transferable through blood transfusion or any physical sexual contact. HIV virus itself is not a disease but it fails your internal antibodies or shield which protect you from so many viruses or diseases.

In the absence of this shield your body will become suitable host for all external virus attacks which take place frequently in our daily life. This virus is spreading very fast in Asia and Africa where people can't afford high amounts of blood tests to ensure HIV presence. Second big problem is prostitution which is unavoidable until you provide them other work opportunities. Meanwhile you can arrange seminars and workshops to educate people about this problem and tell them what to avoid to keep there life save from this incurable diseases.
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I have sore throat loss of weight only just started having dirrahea lately feeling lot of head pressure change of skin colour feeling sick but not actually vomiting tired fatigue fever blood shot eyes.

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