Do You Know Os A Shampoo That Repels Head Lice From Returning?


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There are a lot of different types of products that entail the support the right type of lice treatments Anti lice Shampoos, Anti lice Sprays, Anti lice Soaps, Anti life crèmes, Anti lice lotions and in few brands there are even lice conditioners. This is the real treatment but how ever these treatments may cause the following problems:

1. Scalp Rash
2. Scalp irritation
3. Scalp damage
4. Head Aches are also among the usual side effects.
5. Dandruff may occur as these ingredients always dry your scalp.
6. When scalp damages occur the hair follicles get destroyed.
7. Damaged hair follicles get destroyed then one gets baldness in patches or even entirely
8. Some treatments might also gives you blood pressure boost and or cause skin damage.

However it is always safe to pull the out and then shampoo with your regular shampoo mixed with Black pepper. Avoid contact with eyes this is a rinse if any irritation prevails. This is the natural remedy or you can also say this herbal treatment is so far appreciated by people all around the world.
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When I was in grade school our school had a lice problem. My mother used hair spay. Lice do not like hair spray. Almost everyone got lice but me. It really works. Plus it is pretty cheap.
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My family had resistant head lice for four months. Finally after much research and after trying every product out there, I discovered that rubbing a little neem oil onto the scalp and hair before showering will kill the lice and eggs (do 2 days). Then, put about 5 tear drops of neem oil into any leave-in conditioner. Rub a small amount of the leave-in conditioner in your scalp and hair after you towel dry your hair- every time. You can blow dry or air dry hair as usual (do this until the lice scare is completely over to protect you from re infestation). Neem oil is organic and safe for humans, but intolerable for lice. They cannot burrow or lay eggs and the eggs cannot mature or hatch. You should be free from the critters in days. You can rub a little neem oil on the other areas of your skin that bother you. It is anti fungal as well. Topical use only. You can buy neem oil at any health food store, and I think Target carries it as well.
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Recurrence of lice can also happen if the girls are coming in contact with someone (other kids, adults, sometimes pets) who has lice, if their home, bedding, clothes and all hasn't been completely sanitized and rendered free from the lice. Lice can re-infest like crazy, and that is why they've never been completely removed from the planet. Make sure the parents know how important it is for all their family, friends, etc., to be checked and for the entire house/bedding, etc., to be cleaned completely. Good luck - getting rid of the pests can be miserable!
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I find tea tree oil shampoo the best thing to repel head lice after trying loads of other things this seems the best
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Just put a few drops of neem oil into any shampoo or conditioner and you will have the best lice killer and egg killer and preventer on the planet. Buy neem oil at any health food store or Target.

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