What Is The Cause Of Big Toe Numbness?


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There can be several causes from simple issues like ill-fitting shoes to symptoms of a disease.

Shoes are the most obvious place to start looking. Poor footwear puts pressure on the toe rather than distributing weight around the whole foot. If laces are tied too tight, they can obstruct the flow of blood going to the toes. The result in both of these cases can be numbness.

Numbness can also be a symptom of a compression of the nerve. This can be caused by an injury to the toe itself and let's face it, we all stub them from time to time. It hurts initially but do we consider the damage that it has done after the initial pain has receded? Compression can also be caused by the effect of wearing ill-fitting shoes over a prolonged period of time.

Gout is a medical condition usually characterized by recurrent attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis. The most commonly affected area of the body is the metatarsal-phalangeal joint at the base of the big toe. Gout usually produces a red, tender and swollen joint. High level of uric acid is one of the causes though and this can lead to a numbing.

Diabetes patients frequently have numb big toes too so if there is a history in your family, don't overlook this possibility.

Numbness can also indicate an inflamed bone. Arthritis can be the cause or a part of the bone on the underside of the toe could be hitting a nerve.

Bunions are another common condition that could be responsible. If you have noticed a bump at the base of the big toe, it is probably a bunion. They cause pain but can also lead to numbness.

As with any medical condition that is causing you concern, the best piece of advice is always to visit a doctor to receive a proper diagnosis.
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This sensation is called parasthesiae. Somewhere along it's length, the nerve that supplies sensation to this area of your skin is being irritated. This could be anywhere from the toe itself, along the course of the nerve up your leg, or up into your spine. Could you have a slight degree of slipped disc in your back? See a doctor, chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist.
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My toes are numb for the past two weeks but it doesn't hurt it only bothers me. What should I do??
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My big toe hurt and numbness what that mean?
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Many of us face the problem with toe numbness and pain. It normally happens from everyday wear and tear or even overuse.
Many of these changes in your feet and toes are due to the person's age or during pregnancy.
It may also be caused by a growth around the nerves of your Big toe
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Had type 2 for 2 years, herniated discs L4 &L5 in '98 and 0'08. Been back to long haul trk driving 7 mos. My back much stronger/little pain probs. B last wkend I wkd 3 days solid on a renovation proj. W/o much probs. Then drove 3500
mi. The first day of wk and thru nxt 8 days my rt big toe across/front of the nail has been slightly to more numb, w/excessive sitting/driving.
Should I be alarmed? Is it back disc oriented or type-2 diabetes. Will it get worse
and should I just ride it out?
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My 2nd toe is numb but when I get up in the morning it is big 2nd & 3rd toe and my feet hurt to walk across the room
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I have numbness in my left big toe which is going to the 2nd and 3rd toe and my leg in the front feels like its falling asleep.  I smoke and, from what I have read, it could be the blood vessels constricting....I am going to my podiatrist tomorrow.  I do have back problems (not really bad) but I heard a herniated disc can cause this numbness also.
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It can be a stress fracture if you are having pain as well, but very less chances. It can be a pinched nerve which is controlling the toe area. An CT/MRI of the brain and spine can tell the picture. Go for CT scan or MRI.
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Along with the answers given another problem could be an ingrowing cuticle. Sometimes the cuticle will get swollen, reddened, and tingling due to this. Call your MD and he will instruct you what to do.

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