What is a normal blood pressure during pregnancy?


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Generally blood pressure depend on some factors like:
Your family history, the time of day( lower in the morning) ,which arm is used, also..
- Your build, higher weight tends to increase a blood pressure.
- Your physical activity, normally blood pressure is lower when you are resting.
- Your emotional condition, feeling stressed,excited or nervous or will increase blood pressure
- Age, the older you are, the higher your blood pressure will tend to be. A  teens has a blood pressure of about 100/60, an adult about 110/60 to 130/80 and an elderly person about 140/85.
The average blood pressure for pregnancy is 110/70 with normal pressure averaging around 120/80 bur many pregnant women may have a normal blood pressure as low as 90/50 or as high as 135/80.
Also .. The stage of pregnancy. Blood pressure is generally lower during the first 12 weeks, dropping from 12 to 28 weeks and rising to pre-pregnancy levels or slightly higher after about 28 weeks. But pressure itself is not as much of an issue as how much it rises over the course of the pregnancy.
For example some women develop what is called 'gestational hypertension'. This is a slightly raised blood pressure that continues after the birth (often noticed after 20 weeks of the pregnancy and may continues for up to 3 months after birth). The blood pressure is at a higher level, but not enough to require medications or to affect the mother's health (like 'pre-eclampsia'). Mothers with  gestational hypertension, are monitored a little more closely to make sure it doesn't develop into pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy).

Its best to discus this with your doc.

Also you can find online many websites conected with pregnancy and specific questions during this period, like
community.babycenter.com/ www.birth.com.au/Home

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