Pins And Needles On Both Feet, Sometimes Swelling, Sensitivity To Materials, And Some Rash Making It Hard To Walk, What Could Be The Problem?


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Pains in both feet and legs sore walking is very hard if I'm folding up clothes I'm very tired don't drink or smoke I had back problem since about 13 years  last year  had a premature baby ever since my legs have started to give me very bad pain then in January this year I had injection in my back to kill nerves in spine 3 times in one time I'm sick of hospitals I'm 36 I feel like 90 and got 7 kids very hard ive been under pain relief clinic for about 8 years still suffering can not find out what is the problem in a lot of pain from head to my feet like I'm losing my walk
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Discoid lupus is an auto immune disorder which causes problems on skin. The diagnosis can be made by symptoms and some lab tests by the doctor. I advise you to check your sugar levels as you are having numbness and edema.

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