Can You Catch Staph From Kissing?


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Staph is a very contagious bacteria. Depends on where the staph infection is located or whether you have open sores or cut in your mouth. I wouldn't be to concerned because your chances are slim if you get it again, unless its in her mouth or throat. In the mouth staph could appear like white little spots in the mouth or throat. Strept also looks like this. Just make sure you don't develop these white spots and check your temp., if you feel hot. Staph causes a high temp.,. You need to be on antibiotics if this happens. I hope your partner is on antibiotics, that decreases tue odds even more.
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Staphulococcus aureus is a germ, often called Staph, and is normally found on the body in 20-30% of the healthy people. It is passed from person to person by contact with someone who is colonized with it. It is spread through nose but you can also catch it through kissing.
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Yes an transfer of human body fluids from one person to another share viruses.
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Is there any way to be with someone who has it and be with them physically without catching it yourself?

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