Can Hives Be Caused By H-pylori?


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Yes it can.  I have the same problem I have had chronic hives for 6 months now and some of my symptoms are heartburn, its hard to swallow my food, and I feel my stomach is on fire then I break out in hives that cover my entire body.  I was told that I have H-pylori and that is what is causing my hives as well.  Check out this website
It gives more info on this condition HELICOBACTER AND HIVES
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The H. Pylori are bacteria of gram negative strain. They cause infections in stomach and first part of intestine leading to ulcer. Usually this infection is symptom less. The common symptoms are abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, black or bloody stool, weight loss and appetite change. The recent studies show that hives are also related with this infection. For more details of H. Pylori visit:

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