If You Have Bone Cancer In The L1 And L2 Vertebrae How Long Will You Live?


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  • Long Term Outlook
The answer to this depends on many different factors; it is not as simple as stating that if someone has cancer in the L1 and L2 vertebrae they will die in a short amount of time. Bone cancer is not one of the more aggressive tumors, and whilst it can kill, it also depends on exactly what sort of cancer you have, whether it is located solely in the bone or in soft tissues too.

  • The General Timescale
There is no absolute consensus on the survivability of bone cancer and there are many people who have lived for many years with bone cancers because they are relatively slow growing.

Bone cancers are treatable with some patients undergoing chemotherapy, xeloda, and zometa. Again, the type of cancer makes all the difference: A malignant and aggressive form will be less survivable than a slower growing tumor.

  • Bone Mets and other cancers
These do not kill as quickly as other cancers because, as already stated, they are not as aggressive as other tumors. However, soft tissue cancers may be associated with the bone cancer and these tend to be far more aggressive than the bone cancer.

Bone cancer kills when it spreads out of the bone and into vital systems. Death in the above case will most likely be from damage to the spinal cord, but the cancer can spread to the rest of the body, liver, lungs, breasts, and other places.

Bone cancers do not attract clinical trials of new drugs, which is a testament to how slowly these cancers grow. The key here to answering your question, is just how quickly the tumor is growing.

A fast growing tumor will have more effect, more rapidly, than a slower growing one for obvious reasons and needs to spread to non-bone parts of the body to cause more severe effects.

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