What Are Mesenteric Lymph Nodes? I Have Them On My Abdomen.


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Mesenteric lymph nodes are frequently found during abdominal CT scans in everyday clinical practice. What to do about them has the medical practice in discussion.
What are they and what causes them is what you want to know I think. Well, they often appear on the abdomen after abdominal trauma and show up on both men and woman
during cat scans.
Here are the results of a recent study.
You might want to go to the site mesenteric lymph nodes.com, and do some more study.
Of the 120 patients with otherwise normal CT scans, 47 had mesenteric lymph nodes greater than 3 mm. Of these 47 patients, 22 (47%) had five or more lymph nodes detected. Twenty-five (53%) of the 47 patients had four or fewer nodes. The mean size of the largest nodes was 4.8 mm (range, 3-9 mm), and the mean size of the nodes found per patient was 3.6 mm (range, 3-6 mm). These nodes were identified only at the mesenteric root in 32 patients (68%), only in the mesenteric periphery in eight patients (17%), and only in the right lower quadrant in five patients (11%). Nodes were identified in more than one location
I suggest you ask your specialist to sit down with you and explain causes and outcomes to set your mind at rest he/she is qualified to do this.

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