What Could Have Caused This Random Rash I Have?


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Looks like an allergy. Allergy is an abnormal immune response to a substance. It can be because of some food or medicine. You should go and see your doctor for proper check up and advice.
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michelle smoot
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Also look into soaps,laundry detergents/fabric softners,perfumes air and fabric fresheners, shampoos,conditioners...all of these can have an effect on your skin and if a quick or sudden change was made could be a problem. Also lotions...Be sure you think of every possible change in products you have made. And definitely do not rule out food allergies...as one has posted. Sounds like the affected areas are in the sensitive areas of the body...i would consider all product changes.
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For relief of the itching you should take an anti-histamine medicine or tablet. This is probably what the doctor would prescribe if he thinks its an allergic reaction to something.

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