What Is Syphilis?


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With some people's lifestyles, STDs such as syphilis can be a big problem. It can cause serious damage in its later stages, affecting the brain, muscles and other organs. It is a very serious disease but a lot of people do not know enough about the risks involved with unprotected sex, and they are putting themselves in danger all the time.

Syphilis can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women as it can cause the baby to be stillborn or it can cause death to a newborn. There are three stages of Syphilis and a lot of the time the first stage will go unnoticed. You may notice the first signs if you see a sore called a chancre. The affected person will not usually experience any pain and the sore could heal on its own meaning it could therefore go unnoticed. Sometimes the person may experience more than one sore and then it should be easier to notice so you can get checked out straight away by a doctor.

The second stage will happen after the sores have healed. It will be present as a rash that does not itch. If you notice these symptoms, a way to find out if it is Syphilis is to have a blood test. If detected early it will help to stop it in its tracks before it gets to the later stages of the disease. This is where the damage can really be done as it will start to deteriorate the muscles, the organs and also the brain. So if you get any symptoms make sure that get seen to by a doctor right away.

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