Black Rings Under Eyes..can You Help?


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If you are talking about the dark circles under eyes, then I would suggest that go for more and more peaceful sound sleep. Try to relax and get away from all kinds of tension. You can also try putting potato slices on your eyes and relax for a while. If the dark circles are not inherited, then it will surely go away or al least reduce to a great extent. Last but not the least, keep yourself happy...that's the secret of beauty.
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Hi Heraxx,

How long ago was your last check-up with the doctor who performed your rhinoplasty?

I suggest that you call him/her to let them know that you still have the dark rings under your eyes and to find out if another appointment is in order. There may be a problem or not, but you'll never know unless you call.

Best of luck and please let me know what you find out.

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Hera Kalaydjian
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Hey Jojo my docotor is back in lebanon n the last time i visited him was about 2 months ago and i showed him my eyes he told me that this will take time to go away maybe 2 or 3 months and it's been 2 months I've been using sunblock everyday and make-up to hide it..but it's still not working..i should probably give him a call sometime though..thank you!!
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Try these easy tips that remove dark circles and won’t consume much time and efforts:

1. Use Almond oil Regularly

2.  Drink or Apply Tomato Juice to the Affected Area

3. Apply Rosewater to Your Undereye Area

4. Use a range of essential products to daily care of your skin.

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Old folks treatment cut slices of cucumbers and place them on your black rings for a few hours especially at night and early morning.
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I know this may sound crazy but I have heard that anusol creme will help.but instead of that here is a page on all the under eye lotions and potions for dark circles under the eyes.

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