Pain Under My Left Breast, Can You Help?


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Breast pain also called mastalgia can be due to many reasons but should not be neglected by any means because it can be life threatening. Breast pain can be menstrual cycle related or non-cyclic. Most common causes of breast pain are hormonal changes in a menstrual cycle, breast cysts, breast trauma, fatty acid imbalance and large size of the breast also causes pain. Medicines like birth control pills and some antidepressants also cause breast pain.
In my opinion your breast pain can be menstrual cycle related but it will be good to see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Maybe you are ovulating.. Sometimes we feel tenderness when you ovulate.. Thats why its better to check your breast at least 3 days after menses...
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You can get them if you are due on or if you are growing.If you are late for your period then I would take a test cause you get sore boobs when your pregnant.If you are that worried go see your g.p

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