What Should I Do About Bruised And Swollen Feet?


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Stress fracture!
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I agree with your wife.....no shoes. Always have the proper shoes to go with the exercise you're doing. The bruises are most likely from injury to your feet muscles, tendons, etc from the exercising w/o proper support; your pain as well.  Your feet hold your weight and take a beating during the day, treat them well.....wear proper shoes for exercising! Keep the ice going like you have, lay off the Wii for awhile, stay off your feet as much as possible and your feet will get better. If after a week you haven't noticed a difference, see a podiatrist because you probably have more injuries than you bargained for. I have that Wii also so I can relate. LOL
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It could be gout and is very painful and will get worse my grandmother is going through the same thing and it started to travel up her leg and she can barely walk. You need meds asap. Please go to the emergency room asap.

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