According To The Chart On Breakfast Breads, A High Level Of Sodium Can Lead To High Blood Pressure; Which Bread Should Be Avoided If One Is At Risk For High Blood Pressure?


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Read labels! Sodium content is on each label. Compare them, and choose the lowest sodium content, but also watch the carbohydrate, and fat contents, too. Keep the fat at 1/3 of total calories, (divide "Calories per Serving" by 3). Fat satiates our taste, so many times fat is added to "low sodium" products - don't trust, study. Ezekial Bread is a great option, too. They are whole grain breads, and there is salt-free and low-salt option among their products.

Generally, it is best not to add salt (or sodium - same thing) to food when preparing them - let users add their own salt at the table. Often using Kosher Salt, or Sea Salt, which has courser grains it is easier to use just a few pieces - a pince is more than one needs of any sodium. Bear in mind, foods all have natural sodium in them, like water, too.

If you have high blood pressure, ask your doctor for a nutritional consult to better grasp the dietary information that will help maintain good health.

Good luck.

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