Could Lupus Anti-Coagulant Be Related To Agent Orange?


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My father was exposed to Agent Orange and I was diagnosed with Lupus. I have always thought that there is a tie between the two, since no-one in my family has ever had it.
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Exposure to Agent Orange is most likely to cause cancer resulting from numerous infections, including the condition of Lupus.
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My father was in Vietnam, I was conceived after his return. He has Agent Orange Disease. I have lupus. I feel it is related.
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I would not rule it out. Agent Orange is a dioxin.  Others were used as well, such as Agent Blue and Agent White.  The consequences of being contaminated by combinations of these is unknown and unpredictable.

In the 1992 dioxin reassessment, and reinforced by the 1994 update, the EPA has restated that :

* Cancer may not be the most sensitive toxic response resulting from Dioxin Exposure. Immunotoxicity and reproductive effects appear to occur at body burdens that are approximately 100 times lower than those associated with cancer.

*Data indicates that there may not be a threshold for certain responses to Dioxin.

Dioxin and these other chemicals either create an immune system that is self-perpetuating in creating its own damage, or deprive the body of the immune system to some level, thereby allowing the simplest of medical issues to create a serious problem.

I understand some of what you are dealing with, being a disabled vet as well.  Just my opinion, but if I wanted the straight info on this particular ailment, I would not trust in the VA hospital to give it to me.

Hang in there, brother.
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I was diagnosed with it also. There is no connection between Agent Orange and lupus anticoagulant.

Was it found because you ended up with a blood clot? That was how they found mine, I was admitted to the hospital, and ended up being put back in because it got infected, and then a few years later, I developed another one.

Are you either taking Warfarin, or on Lovenox injections?

You want to make sure that you take your medicine regularly, and you want to keep all of your appointments to get the INR/PT tests done. This will keep you from getting another clot, and keep you from taking too much and risking a bleed.

Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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it is a rather interesting coincidence... I have a close friend with lupus, and he was exposed to agent orange in Nam too. That stuff killed another friend of mine who developed all sorts of problems after agent orange exposure... but I have no idea if he had lupus or not. I know he took some sort of medicine which thinned his blood and made his skin into crepe paper... but not sure what it was for either. Agent Orange killed him. Cancer friggin run amok.
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Lupus is something else altogether from lupus anticoagulant. I don't mean to correct you about it, but there is a totally different makeup about the disease. You can go to and type it in there, you will know a lot of difference about them.

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