What Causes The Localized Pain And Tenderness On The Right Side?


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I have pain in my right side right below my ribs. I have had gall badder surgery many years ago but the pain is right where I had the surgery. What could be causing the pain?
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I have the same feeling, have yu got any comments back? I also had stones and had my gall bladder remove 15 years ago...
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     pain is the result of inflammation which causes pressure on surrounding tissue and the ileo-secal valve where you have a lot of nerve endings to send the signal to the brain which in turn orders the mouth to open and say OWWW!  The ileo-secal valve is where the smaller ileum runs along the lower bowel from left to right and connects to the secum, or the largest part of your colon.  The appendix is a little tag or tail on the bottom of the secum. 
     Because the ileum enters the secum from the side slightly higher it is believed that sluggish bowels allow fecal matter to build up in the secum and cause infection in the appendix leading to appendicitis.  There are many cases of chronic appendicitis due to flare ups possibly from bacteria that clear up and subside after a strong evacuation. 
     Constipation was often diagnosed as less than two or three movements a week and the patient was prescribed a stool softener and Milk of Magnesia.  Of course now we know that number should be a day and 2 0r 3 per week is not normal for anyone!   This too can cause pain or force the ileo-secal valve to be forced up against the other side of the secum blocking further movement causing cramps and vomiting mimicing a attack.  This too is painful and dangerous so don't mess around.
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My left side hurts and my mouth is dry
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Pain in the lower right side could be appendicitis and should be looked at right away. If it ruptures it spills poison in the body. Really go to your local emergency room if your doctor is not available today. Peace
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If it is on the lower right side- it could be appendicitis, esp. If you have nausea fever etc- but you may not have anything else but the pain. You probably should get it checked out. I might be nothing serious (hopefully) but better to know.

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