What to do about left side pain in back?


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There are many potential causes of lower back pain on the left side, some are more common however:

• Pregnancy - The uterus increases in size, straining your lower back.
• Kidney infection - During infection, the kidney will swell, making the surrounding area tender. Blood in your urine would be a second indicator that the back pain is due to an infection.
• Muscle spasms - Over exertion or a sporting injury could result in a 'pulling' of the lower back muscles. Pain when breathing could be an indicator that the side tension is the result of muscle strain.

A doctor should be consulted with any lower left side back pain. They will ascertain the cause of the pain and prescribe appropriate treatment, whether this is an antibiotic for a kidney infection, or a series of stretches for muscle pain.
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Janay Dais answered
Well you should for 1 hour put ice on it and then for another 1 hour put a heating pad on it you might also want to use icy hot which you get can get at walrmart a drug store. And you might if want to use a ace bandage. And maybe even go to physical therapy well before you do that therapy part get  it looked at by a doc. Ps you might  have pulled something and if you a friend boy friend mom or dad someone have they rub it for you hope this helped keep rocking away the pain!1

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