How Would You Know If You Had (cervical) Cancer?


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Eventually a doctor’s diagnosis would be needed to make sure if someone is suffering from cervical cancer. However, there are some symptoms which can indicate the occurrence of the problem. It is not necessary that there might be pain initially when the cancer starts. Methods like Colposcopy and Biopsy are used for the diagnosis and for making sure that someone is suffering from cervical cancer. You can find the detail on the symptoms for the cancer here.
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This is one of the most difficult cancers to diagnose early, as by the time the symptoms show, it's usually pretty advanced. If you have real worries, go to your GP asap and get a smear test done. To keep peace of mind, get a smear test done regularly.
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I agree with the uper post. Thats true..its suposed to be well avanced by the time it shows up..but most offton drs make the rong dinoses with this.. Thats why its good to cheak on something like this early.. Good luck.

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