What are the disorders in psychodynamic therapy?


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The main disorders that are treated by psychodynamic therapy are;

  • Phobias
  • Anxieties
  • Agoraphobia
  • Eating disorders
During this treatment, the therapist looks at the unconscious thoughts and anxieties of their patients and tries to find any coloration of the patterns in their mind that they associate with their fear or disorder.

The therapy is conducted in much the same way and the patient spends their time talking through their problems, issues and any background history with the therapist. The difference with this therapy is that the internal emotions have to be understood and the patient must be completely open with the therapist. In patients that have anxiety disorders, building up this level of trust can be hard and the relationship may take a while to come about. Because of this, psychodynamic therapy can take some time to become effective and this can therefore make the treatment very expensive as it can continue for much longer periods of time.

Short term treatment can last for around 30 weeks and longer term, more intrusive treatment can last for up to a few years.

There have been studies conducted on how useful psychodynamic therapy is and how it should be used. As many studies on therapy usually go, there have been no definitive answers. This is probably due to the lack of control that the study has, you cannot control a patient, and also the range of disorders that the patients are having therapy for. Some of these can be mild and others can be a lot more severe or complex.

These studies did find the therapy useful in treating disorders although these were no complete concrete findings.
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Psychiatric conditions including depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, and personality disorders, among others.
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Psychodynamic therapyis the kind of talk therapy many people imagine when they think of psychological treatment fordepression. That's because the image of thepsychiatristand patient probing the past is a staple of our popular culture. It can be found on sitcoms or in jokes. And psychodynamic therapy has been a major element in movies likeGood Will HuntingandOrdinary Peopleand on the stage in plays likeEquus.

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