When I move (walk) my head hurts very badly, What can I do to stop the pain for a little bit?


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Could be anything from neck and back injury to migraine so best to see your DR immediately for this to be absolutely sure here or call 911 if gets worse
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Try massaging your temples, but this works for headaches mostly, but do tell me if my advice helps or not.
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Moo C.
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Also try to clear your nasal passages
partick harold
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The hospital didn't help and my nose is stuffed as soon a i blow it it gets stuffed again...
Moo C.
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Try nasonex and also vacuum your house as it may be that you have allergies
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I heard of an incident when people who were suffering from head pains  smelled a green apple, their pain VANISHED!!!
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Did you fall, were you in car accident, did someone punch you, if yes then it is a mild concussion

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