I Am Having Pain On My Left Foot, Everytime I Walk Or Stand It Hurts So Bad, It's Under My 3rd And 4th Toe My The Front Plantar, I Have Been Limping For 1month When I Walk, I Can't Put My Foot Flat On The Floor. Can You Help?


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Go and see you Gp, you will have probably have probably the case where the end of the metatarsels are lowerd. They are usually in an arch and can come down with wearing high heals or ill fitting footwear,
Insoles or change of shoes can help, but would still recoment seeing a doc if you find it very painful.
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Well I went to see the dctor and he told me that I had a sistic neuroma, so they are going to start an injection treatment.
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Ouch, that doesnt sound nice.
Hope you are well and better after though
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You need to go and see your doctor and have a blood test done, it could be many different things, even a fracture, or a break that you don't realize that you got, but foremost, if it is swollen, hot and in a lot of pain, it could be arthritis, bursitis, or gout, and one of these will look like you are describing. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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My foot hurts its hard to walk .
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MY  Left foot really hurts it is worst when I wear shoes what could it be please help

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