What Are Some Main Symptoms Of MS?


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Kathy Rierson answered
I have had MS for 30 years. One day I just started walking like I was drunk. Before that I had episodes of numbness in my hands,stomach and arm. Other symptoms are blurred vision,loss of eyesight and weakness. For fifteen years I had to use a cane or electric cart. I could not even walk 1/4 of a block. Then in '95 I started wearing magnets in my shoes. After 6 months of wearing them, I started walking on my own. I've been in remission ever since. Hope things work out for the best!
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Will Martin answered
MS is one of the hardest diseases to diagnose - it's often diagnosed only after other possibilities have been ruled out. One problem is that the symptoms vary a lot. However, loss of movement, fatigue and dizziness are all common. You can find out more about the symptoms < a href="http://www.mult-sclerosis.org/mssymptoms.html" target="blank">here. All the best.
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I also have MS and, at first, looked like I was drunk when I walked. Now I use a walker, which I hate. Please tell me more about the magnets you used, and where I can purchase them. Thank you Terry

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That does help. Unfortunately you're correct it is hard to diagnose and right now my doctors are not ready to diagnose this as MS. So far I haven't gotten a lot of feedback on what could be wrong. I am still doing a lot of tests. I have gotten from several doctors that it could be fibromyalgia. I am just not sure and can't do much right now but wait.Thanks.

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