Can Prayer Cure Cancer?


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Willard NOYB answered
I believe it can do so; have a friend who was given a very small chance of surviving her cancer and she attributes prayer  to her complete recovery from this cancer.
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Michelle Phy answered
Great question Keithold. Prayer has to do with faith. One goes with the other. It says the spoken word is a powerful tool. Prayer & faith is all we need & really all we have to lean on for those who believe. Yes, i believe it can cure anything we just dont know all the answers.
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Jet Fighter answered
No the Prayer is a plea for help from God . Not a cure . If you pray to God for a miracle that the cancer would be cured , that cant hurt . Then God would be the cure .
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Yes, but not a given.  Miracles have occurred.  If only we could read God's mind.
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Yes, if you truly believe.
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Yes, even though there is no God. This is because the cancer is cured by the power of faith and suggestion. I am an atheist, and yet I believe prayer works for some people.
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It is possible if you believe  However, prayer alone is not enough, you still need modern medicine to help.
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Different beliefs for different people. So you will probably see yes's and no's on the subject.

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