Does The Rash Have To Have A Bubbly Appearance Or Just Raised And Red Along A Nerve Line?


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Rashes come in many forms, if the skin is irritated, it will show up first with itching and if you scratch, it will cause tears in skin.  Also, will appear as bumps or sores.  Depending on the severity of the reaction you  should consult dermatologist or doctor, to see if there is not an underlying problem, such as allergies.  Most antihistamines will help with this.  If caused, by what they call winter's itch, due to dry skin always being covered, air exposure and a lotion can help.  Gold bond medicated powder and creams, but you don't have to make too much of an investtment, regualar lotions such as vaseline intensive care will help a lot.  If you have exyma, Noxeyma cream also wonderfull solution to problem

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