Is Tenderness By The Liver A Symptom Of Liver Disease?


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Tenderness of the area around the liver could very well be a sign of acute liver failure, which is very serious and can prove deadly to a person who otherwise looks healthy in a very short period of time. If you or someone you know experiences changes in their personality, tenderness in the upper abdomen and yellowing of the eyes or skin, you should seek medical help immediately.

Some of the other signs of liver problems include nausea and vomiting, muscle tremors, sleepiness, confusion and disorientation, and a general sense of uneasiness. Finding out if you have liver disease is easy for medical science as there are a number of tests that can be done on your blood and the results can be observed and analyzed very quickly. If it is diagnosed early enough, more effective treatment can be given so it is important to consult a doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

The only cure at this time for acute liver failure is to have a transplant, and there is usually a waiting list as the number of people who need new livers is longer than the list of donors. There are drugs that are in clinical trials at this time that may offer some hope for future treatment. Sulfasalazine is a drug that has the potential to help aid in the regeneration of the liver by blocking special proteins that stop the process. Other potential treatments that are in their infancy in testing include stem cell research. It is projected that stem cells injected into the liver will help the organ grow new cells and heal itself completely over a period of time. But this new stem cell research is still in its infancy and is many years away from being used on human patients.
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A tightness,almost like a cramp,with a tingling and burning sensation.Not very painful but uncomfortable.Just to the right of the bottom of the sternum, below the ribs.Pain is not always present.When I push in on it there is no pain but sometimes feels like a bubble or knot is popping,but no actual knot is present.Sometimes starts to bother me after eating or when hunched over.
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This was a question not an answer.Was a mistake on my part.I'm new at this.
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Sounds like a hiatal hernia, common in adults easy solutions are raise top of bed 6 inches using wood blocks or books, spot eating spicy food and reduce alcohol (none will be best) & see a Doc.
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You are describing what could likely be symptoms with your traverse colon.  The ascending colon comes up the right side and angles sharply to the traverse colon.  This is an area that can see a lot of complaint -- and one you would feel, one does not generally feel liver pain.
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The term Liver disease applies to a number of diseases that affect the liver. These diseases cause the liver to stop its function or function improperly. There are number of symptoms of liver diseases and Tenderness in the abdomen can also be one of the signs, depending on the disease you are suffering from. Here is a link from where you can see a details about several liver diseases and their respective symptoms:

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