How Long Does It Take For HIV To Turn Into Aids?


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Incidences of HIV infection are increasing very fast throughout the world. After its transmission, early symptoms can appear within 6-8 weeks. HIV can be tested in blood within 6 -12 weeks and rarely after 6 months. After early symptoms, HIV can become dormant for long time. There are some reports that suggest that it can take up to 18 years to develop AIDS. Average time take for HIV to develop in to AIDS is 10-12 years.

Treatment of HIV should be started as early as possible because medicines can not treat HIV but can delay onset of AIDS.
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Contrary to popular belief not all cases of HIV infection result in AIDS. Severity of HIV or indeed any viral disease depends on a number of factors, initial viral dose being but one. Very low viral dose produces immunity, immunisation, higher doses of HIV will result in flu-like symptoms anywhere between 2 and 12 weeks from date of infection (as a general rule the higher the dose the earlier the symptoms). Also in play would be the general health of the individual prior to infection, an immune system already weakened by malnutrition (or drug use) would succumb more quickly. Even after HIV infection onset of AIDS can be significantly delayed by adequate nutrition and/or selenium supplementation. (Selenium is essential for immune system function)
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Under the care of a dr with the rite meds you can carry hiv for 1- 20yrs before it turns into aids
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If you are taking the meds they give you the cocktail its called you can with hiv for 15 to 20yrs

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