What Does Hiv Feel Like In The Body And What Does It Do?


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The HIV virus attacks a cell in the body called the T- cells; this takes them over and multiplies them which destroy the T- cells and then the body can no longer fight against germs and diseases which means the body's immune system weakens. When someone's body goes through this stage with HIV they are more likely to get certain cancers even If they live a healthy active life their body wouldnt't be able to fight it off. When someone is ill with the HIV virus it may not always lead to Aids but when someone does get Aids from HIV it turns into a very life threatening disease.
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The big problem with the HIV virus is that in the beginning stages of it you won't feel any different.  Most people don't even know that they are infected not until they start to show symptoms.  The symptoms will normally start with diarrhoea, Pneumonia and sores (especially in the mouth) and weight loss.  If you get diarrhoea and Pneumonia more then four times in a year and in a very severe manner then I suggest you go and see a Doctor.  He would then do some tests.  They will ten to one do a couple of tests to see what the problem is and they would draw blood from you to be able to do a HIV test.  There are two test to be done.  One will be a CD count and the other one will be to look at the HIV viral load and then they will start with treatment.  What does HIV do.  It kills you but you don't die of HIV, you die of the symptoms it gives you like Pneumonia and so on.  HIV brakes down your immune system and that is why the person would get sick so often
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Once HIV enters the body of a person, it links itself to a White Blood Cell of that person these white blood cell also (WBC) called CD4 or T4 cells, these cells are the main infection fighters of the body. Each time when there is an infection, CD4 cells guide the infection fighting army of the body to defend it from declining sick. Spoil of these cells, therefore can affect a person's disease fighting capacity and common fitness.

After making a grip on the CD4 cell, the germ injects its RNA into the cell. The RNA then finds attached to the DNA of the host cell. It is a practical conquest of the cell. The virus now duplicates and mixes out hundreds of thousands of its own duplicates. These cells then go into the blood flow, get close to other CD4 cells and maintain replicating. The outcome is that the quantity of the virus in the blood increases and that of the CD4 cells rejects.

Because of this development, instantly after infection, the viral load of an impure person will be very high and the number of CD4, small. But the body's immune system reacts dynamically by creating more CD4 cells to struggle against the virus. Much of the virus gets finish from the blood. To struggle against the quick replicating virus, billion of CD4 cells are formed every day, but the virus also rises on a parallel scale.
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HIV attacks cells in your body called T cells. T cells helps your body's immune system fight off infections and other things that attack the body. Unfortunately when your T cells are not functioning correctly you start to feel sick and your immune system isn't as strong. Although you obtain HIV there is a medicine that slows the process of getting AIDS. SO you can have HIV without having AIDS.

By the way I'm only 13 and I know all this. I'm Smart.
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It weakens the immune system, allowing other illnesses and infections to make you sick.
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You simply die
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You get flu like symptoms in the beginning then it passes then you feel nothing you don't sick you feel good.  Your body has a immune system it has a mother ship an a bunch of little ships that kills virus when they get in your body. Hiv/aids so rite passed the little ships and goes into the mother ship an then starts to kills the little ships.

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